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Our bodies change our minds,
…and our minds change our behaviour
…and our behaviour changes our outcomes

Amy Cuddy

A great sentiment.  Take control of your outcome by using your body to change your mind.  Exercise, get better posture, smile.

I’ve seen a lot of TED Talks, but this is one of my favorites.  Since I saw this the first time a year ago, I’ve tried to incorporate this philosophy into my life.

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Education begins when school ends. -Unknown

I was reading an article about cultivating information that you read, and immerse yourself in, and they had this little nugget in the article.  This quote defines how I’ve always viewed my education, going back to when I started High School.

I have always said I’d hire experience vs. book learning, any day.  I feel that one’s life experience can be more valuable than their formal education, in most cases.

That being said, I’d still like to see the diploma on the wall of my attorney or doctor, but in most cases, experience speaks volumes.

Look at the ever changing world of technology.  

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What’s Up With That: Your Best Thinking Seems to Happen in the Shower | Science | WIRED

Awesome! Now there is science to defend what I’ve always said, my best thinking happens in the shower (or on a dive).  I’ve solved more problems this way.

This article backs up the idea of stopping what you are doing and doing something different, in my case scuba diving. I’ve always said that scuba diving has a way of relaxing me, it also has a way of making me feel “centered”, which allows me to experience an almost blank thought process.  

That blank thought process, then allows my brain to work on solving the bigger problems, such as coding or marketing for, problems of the heart, and other stresses.

This is a good read, to learn a bit more about how your brain thinks, and solves issues.

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A dive to the horse ferry.

We dove the horse ferry today, to get footage to make small video of it.  Here are some of the still photos that were taken while on this dive.  Today’s dive was 31 minutes at a depth of 41 feet with a water temperature of 72 degrees.

This is the only known instance of a Ferry propelled by horses in the world.  This vessel is believed to have been scuttled in the 1830s.

More on the history of this vessel when we edit the video together.








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This is the first video that has been edited of the US Lavallee tug boat that was scuttled in Lake Champlain in 1931.  More of the story to come soon, and more dives to get more footage of the tug.

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